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What kind of impact are you here for?

Specialising in purpose-driven marketing, we are a globally distributed team of strategists, creative content producers, data experts, and cause culture enthusiasts.

Driving meaningful results to the most complex ideas and organisations. at REISE we're helping brands scale their digital marketing efforts from the outside in.

What we can do together

Plenty. We believe in community over competition. Our practice is purposefully selective to focus on doing our best work possible, with the best people.

For bigger projects we are experts at scaling up by introducing our roster of collaborators. From developers, to strategists, and creators to business intelligence analysts - we help bring your objectives to life. In short, we got you.


Digital Infrastructure

Digital Marketing

Digital Governance

- Digital Media Management
- Targeting Optimisation
- Re-marketing Strategy
- Customer Relationship Management
- Grants

- Content Mapping & User Journey Design
- Positioning and Brand Strategy
- Communications Strategy
- Platform Management: Social
- Website & Microsite
- Advocacy & Digital PR

- Conversational Commerce
- Social Listening & Analytics
- Referral Programs

- Market & User Research
- Trend Identification & Analysis
- Brand Experience Strategy
- Digital Operational Efficiency

Who we are

Managing Partner, Ruhana DaSilva, Partners, Ali Hashemi & Kyian Keith.

After spending over 12 years in the big ad world, and working with over 100 global brands, we saw one challenge that all brands consistently faced, understanding their users on digital.

With this gap in place, and a traditional practice of not paying attention to what users really value we often found ourselves at odds with overly promotional strategies and of course, bias.

Today’s users are different, and traditional modes of identifying their personal preference and behavior no longer works.

Consumers want to spend money with brands that share their values. In fact,  75% of users are likely to start shopping from a brand that supports an issue they agree with. Brands have a bigger role to play. That's where we come in, helping brands and businesses drive real meaningful change.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, partnering worldwide.


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