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28 March 2022

3 minutes


Brand Impact

Needs and wants need not translate into wastefulness, especially now that we have a multitude of eco-friendly options emerging locally and many existing brands are slowly transitioning to be more sustainable by offering products that are eco-friendly. If you are pledging to live more sustainably this 2022, beyond just donating to impactful corporations, you can create a positive impact on the environment by purchasing directly from brands who have sustainable practices themselves. 

Remedy KL

Credits: @remedy.kl

Remedy KL 

Located in the heart of KL and available to shop online, this eco-friendly concept store houses sustainable health and beauty products. Aiming to create an ecological conscious store, the brand operates with a refillery where you can bottle products with reusable packaging. Other than displaying products from other brands, Remedy KL also offers their own range of health and skincare products ranging from essential oils to body scrubs.

The Unusual Greens


The Unusual Greens

Not that I’m biassed (but, I am), The Unusual Greens is founded by a group of young entrepreneurs that started its operations on-campus. They transform imperfect and surplus fruits into premium gelatos, all to combat global food waste. After realising how big of an impact it can do on the world, they decided to take it to the next level. Driven with passion, the group saved 300kgs worth of food waste in November 2021 alone.


Credits: @twentyeco



Just imagine the number of trees we use just by going to the loo. TwentyEco’s mission is to educate and raise awareness of the concerns of deforestation by offering bamboo as a sustainable material to substitute our daily usage of toilet rolls. The brand offers 3-ply Bamboo Toilet Papers made with FSC certified 100% bamboo pulp; naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Each box (box of 9 individually wrapped rolls) costs RM28.00 and comes in 100% plastic-free packaging.


Credits: @real.material

Realm of Real Material

Talk about “material gurl”! Realm is an ethical lifestyle brand dedicated to re-introduce exquisite fabrics made from natural fibers. They offer good quality clothing (they are known for their shawls) and home living products such as blankets and bed throws. These products are driven by sustainable sourcing where they feature traditional handcraft textiles, natural materials (bamboo & non-GMO cotton) through eco-friendly manufacturing processes such as vegetable dyeing.


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