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How Many Times Should You Post on Instagram Per Week?

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9 September 2021

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A large part of our team's focus at REISE is providing meaningful consultancy on the best practices of digital marketing. Having had the chance to work with some of the largest global brands we've been able to gather and analyse a substantial amount of data on what works vs. what's just "nice to have" and play an advisory role to our partners and clients. 

In this series, we'll be dishing out all the burning questions we've been receiving. Everything from what channels should you be on to engagement tracking. & No, you shouldn't put that link in your IG caption. At least not for the time being. 

Today: How Many Times Should You Post on Instagram Per Week?

It's no secret that the more you post on Instagram, the greater your overall reach will be. What is important to note, however, is that the rate of reach and engagement per individual post varies as you post more.  The calculation will also vary depending on the fanbase volume of each individual account. We'll break it down below:

Accounts with 1K Followers or less: 14 x per week is the optimal amount to deliver the highest reach and engagement per post. (Or twice per day on average)

Accounts with 1K - 230K Fanbase: 14 - 20x per week delivers the highest reach rate per post. 

Accounts with 250K+ Fanbase: Have the flexibility of posting only once per week and still deliver the highest reach and engagement rates per post.

Reach Rate: Number of unique accounts reached per post / number of followers. 

Why this matters: Measuring brand exposure and growth potential

Engagement Rate: (Comments + Likes) per post / number of followers

Why this matters: Measuring audience impact and community value

You may wonder why the accounts with smaller ranges above such as 1K-10K, or 20K- 30K and above are not listed, and that is because the findings for these volumes fair the same, so it made sense to group them together. 

While not the only metric to consider, your individual post engagement rate can be a minimal baseline of indication of how well any one single content resonates with your community. It should be used in conjunction with other metrics, especially if paid and organic will be reviewed in parallel.

Reach rate on the other hand is a good gauge of the brand's exposure.  

Accounts with a higher fanbase (250K+) both the reach and engagement rates decline respectively as the number of in-feed posts increases per week, one of the reasons for this is that accounts of this size rely more on their existing community, and therefore diversify their activity to Stories & Reels in comparison to in-feed posts. 


Up next, we'll tackle the correlation between consistent in-feed postings and fanbase growth. Schedule a chat with us today to dive deeper.

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