Brand Purpose

What Would Happen to The World if Your Brand Didn't Exist?


5 October 2021

5 minutes



Brand Impact

Purpose is not an intent (a mental state) nor a promise (a guarantee on a product); it is the reason why your brand exists in the world. The journey of creating a brand purpose might be difficult and lengthy but if it’s done right - if the purpose is both authentic and sustainable - It helps the brand connect to the customers on a deeper level and ultimately creates a community of advocates and loyalists. Setting brand purpose is a long game that every brand should consider playing in. 

Today, in this exact period of time that we are coming out of a pandemic and our society is in the process of healing, brands should focus more on creating or enhancing their purpose towards causes that give back to the communities, specifically the vulnerable communities that are struggling with poverty, healthcare, impacts of climate action and many more social issues. It is more than necessary now to help the communities around us, brands can empower the causes and communities easily, and with that approach to their mission or even their vision, they will get closer to their customer's hearts. & that is exactly what modern customers want too; various researches suggest that customers are no longer looking at the price value of the product they buy or services they use. The market is saturated with different products with the highest competition on prices, in this scene brand purpose is the only thing setting brands apart from each other for consumers to choose. 

The 2017 Earned Brand Study by Edelman found that 50% of consumers worldwide consider themselves to be belief-driven buyers and 67% bought a product for the first time because they agreed with its position on a controversial topic. This shows that brands should not fear standing for their purpose, that stance would be the platform of promoting the related causes and ultimately create a community of advocates for the brand. 

One particular case that caught our attention last month was Space X raising $200 million for St. Jude Children's Hospital with the launch of #inspiration4 to space, the first all civilian mission to space with one of the crew members being a cancer survivor herself. This move not only attracted a new group of advocates for Space X but also increased the engagement of users on digital and created real fans and followers for the brand.  




But what is brand purpose? & does it correlates with brand promise? 

Brand purpose is the underlying element of every brand to exist beyond making a profit. Brand promise, however, is the promise or a guarantee that a company gives on their product or service, in short, brand promises are more product-related whilst brand purpose is focusing on why a brand exists in the world to begin with.  

“Prior to the pandemic there was this movement towards wanting sustainable, accessible and inclusive products, but this has all accelerated, In the pandemic, we’ve seen businesses double down on what is their purpose. It’s about looking at your brand mission and understanding your role in the world.” 

- MJ DePalma, head of inclusive marketing for Microsoft Advertising.

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